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Hello Everyone!

We are hoping that everyone is doing well and keeping safe during these times. Our staff and volunteers have been working very hard to try and ensure that we have a safe and usable space for students this coming fall. Attached is a pre-registration form that we ask to be returned by June 30th in order to secure a spot upon reopening.

Every Child Counts was badly damaged after Hurricane Dorian and restoration was delayed due to the Covid virus. We are attempting to prepare some buildings for Sept but will have to keep you informed of the actual opening date for students as the repairs proceed. We plan for teachers to return in Sept and students as soon as restoration allows.

It will help us to prepare for the reopening if you would complete this form and return it to as soon as possible so that we know how many students are interested in returning to ECC .

Sept will  hopefully  be used to assess students and meet with them and parents until classes can commence.

Thank you.

Evelyn Major, M.A. Administrator

Pre-registration form below:

Student Registration for School Reopening


 Below for your review,  you will find the information of expenses and costs  provided by AHAH to date. The costs do change and do not reflect labour as all the labour is done by volunteers. To date, 6000 persons have volunteered to serve in Abaco and AHAH has committed to at least two years presence on the island. They are now being housed at ECC after being on the campus of St. Francis de Sales  but are working across schools on Abaco. They are committed to seeing ECC reopen better than before.

AHAH has committed to restore the buildings that were damaged. ECC is responsible to find the resources for any new construction and reconstruction  of the collapsed building and to replace all furniture, equipment, computers and vehicles. Our campus was under 23 feet of water and nothing remained of the contents.  The estimate for the repairs to the buildings, replacement of furniture and new construction that will be ECC’s responsibility is also attached below.

It took 20 years of raising funds and determination to change the lives of students with disabilities and special needs on Abaco. As hard as it is and as saddened as we are, we will not give up on the dream that every person has a place in our community and that no one is disposable to our community.  In the past years, there have been many times when we at ECC were carried by Divine Intervention and the support of all who have walked this journey with us. WE ask you please to continue to walk with us now as we begin ECC anew.  Donations can be made to AHAH directly for property restoration which will help them to extend their reach at ECC and  on Abaco or donations can be made directly to ECC for all the needs listed.

We are ever so grateful – sometimes dreams get waylayed by life but we are determined that while there is life, we will see the dream of ECC continue. We will do it for all those more vulnerable children and persons among us and we will do it for our teacher, Alishia, who followed this dream to Abaco and tragically perished in the storm.

Every Child Counts Cost of Replacement Contents for all buildings

Furniture, Classroom Supplies, Electronics and equipment

Workshop                                                 $38,972.00

Seydel                                                      $16,060.02

Convent                                                    $41,679.80

Sochet Hall                                               $230,512.16 including computers and electronics

Residence                                                appliances, furniture and cabinets will be replaced by original donors

Cost of two used vehicles                          $50,000

New Vehicle will hopefully be replaced by insurance

New Commercial Kitchen for Convent Bldg $38,000

Solar Equipment restored in Residence $48,000.

Musical Instruments donated in the summer will be replaced by original donors but the estimated cost of replacement for all instruments is $4,100.50

Total raised to date $49,023.79 by ECC for hurricane restoration . This includes $25,000 to be used in convent restoration and other pledges.  We have been promised to this point, additional funds amounting to approximately $44,000 for the expenses in restoring the school and equipping it as well as restoring all administrative records and continuing the interim teaching program in Nassau by our teachers.



Monetary donations could be wired to:

FirstCaribbean International Bank In Bahamas USD – United States Dollars Instructions to: Wells Fargo Bank, New York SWIFT Code: PNBPUS3NNYC ABA Code 026005092 For credit: FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Limited SWIFT Code: FCIBBSNS For credit to: RCANB EVERY CHILD COUNTS 201714577.

or if you require a tax receipt make cheques to PERC or the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nassau Foundation Inc. for ECC.

Please see complete instructions on the website: 

Thank you.

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