EVERY CHILD COUNTS SCHOOL Abaco had the unfortunate experience of being devastated by the strongest storm in the history of the Bahamas on Sept. 1 2019, Hurricane Dorian. As is all of Abaco, Every Child Counts has suffered greatly by the loss of one of our dedicated young teachers, Alishia Liolli who was killed in the storm and by severe destruction of our buildings and campus including a newly completed Transitional Living Facility and a newly donated 2019 vehicle, and all of our electronics sand equipment.

Currently, we are recovering and beginning to regroup our efforts to rebuild Every Child Counts. It will take considerable time for this to be accomplished, In the meantime, some of our staff who were relocated to Nassau for now will work with special needs students in a variety of programs and locations in Nassau. Some of these children are ECC students who have been also evacuated to Nassau and are living in shelters or other temporary housing. We are most grateful for all the support and caring the has been expressed for ECC. It is our hope that with our beloved partners, we will be able to restore services to challenged students as they return to Abaco. The first step in this process is the restoration of the structure of Marsh Harbour.

We will keep you advised of the efforts being made both in Abaco and Nassau to continue the mission of Every Child Counts and restore our school family and community. We cannot express the gratitude we feel for all the support sent our way and the encouragement to persevere.

At this time we are unable to accept any donations of materials or supplies due to the present conditions on Abaco.

Monetary donations could be wired to:

FirstCaribbean International Bank In Bahamas USD – United States Dollars Instructions to: Wells Fargo Bank, New York SWIFT Code: PNBPUS3NNYC ABA Code 026005092 For credit: FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Limited SWIFT Code: FCIBBSNS For credit to: RCANB EVERY CHILD COUNTS 201714577.

or if you require a tax receipt make cheques to PERC or the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nassau Foundation Inc. for ECC.

Please see complete instructions on the website:  http://www.everychildcountsabaco.org/how-to-donate/ 

Thank you.

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