Benefit Concerts

The Magic of a Smile

Volunteers and professional performer David LaDuca, returned to ECC to produce two amazing concerts showcasing our students’ musical talents. Mr. David brought the students to new heights at the Treasure Cay Community Center on March 1st 2019 and the Hopetown Harbour Lodge on March 3rd, 2019. All the songs and dances were around smiling including Broadway hits and popular music. David was assisted by our talented graduate Ronel Escarment and our sound team, Demario Stuart, Quadray Curry and Ranard Davis and were also assisted by a group of high school volunteers from Toronto land their sponsors. It was an exceptional time for all and we were very proud.


From Ms. Ellen and Ms. Patricia’s Class, Ricasha and Calvin interviewed a few of the participants of the 2019 concerts:

Ricasha – Alaina what is your favourite instrument?

Alaina – I have just learnt how to play the keyboard and I love it.

Ricasha – What was your all time favourite song in the concerts?

Alaina – Definitely “I will be on your side”.

Ricasha – Robinio, what did you like about the concerts?

Robinio – That was definitely my solo, “To Love a Child”.

Ricasha – And your favourite food?

Robinio – Hope Town Harbour Lodge chicken and fries, hands down!!

Ricasha – Robinio were there any funny parts of the concert?

Robinio – I thought Janeka and Dahryn’s skit was hilarious.

Ricasha – what was your overall feeling about the concert?

Robinio – I’m thinking great, outstanding and spectacular! I must admit though, I was a little nervous. I had no idea there would be so many people.

Calvin – Jenny, I understand you were involved in the concerts. What was your favourite part?

Jenny – My solo with Fantasia and Dennis.

Calvin – And your favourite song?

Jenny – I loved singing “Never fully dressed without a smile”. It was so much fun!

Calvin – What about the food?

Jenny – All you can eat chicken fingers.

Calvin – Who is your best teacher?

Jenny – Ms. Patricia.

Calvin – What was the concerts name?

Jenny – The magic of a smile. And it was magic!!