Reopening and Pre-Registration

Hello Everyone!

We are hoping that everyone is doing well and keeping safe during these times. Our staff and volunteers have been working very hard to try and ensure that we have a safe and usable space for students this coming fall. Attached is a pre-registration form that we ask to be returned by June 30th in order to secure a spot upon reopening.

Every Child Counts was badly damaged after Hurricane Dorian and restoration was delayed due to the Covid virus. We are attempting to prepare some buildings for Sept but will have to keep you informed of the actual opening date for students as the repairs proceed. We plan for teachers to return in Sept and students as soon as restoration allows.

It will help us to prepare for the reopening if you would complete this form and return it to as soon as possible so that we know how many students are interested in returning to ECC .

Sept will  hopefully  be used to assess students and meet with them and parents until classes can commence.


Thank you.

Evelyn Major, M.A. Administrator


Pre-registration form below:

Student Registration for School Reopening